Scott Wilcox grew up a disc jockey's son moving from town to town, up and down the dial.  His music is an eclectic mix of his stories and experiences.  He learned to play drums at 7, piano at 12, and picked up a guitar somewhere along the way.  His genre of music is called americana blues, which is an acoustic mix of country, rock, folk, and blues.  The American blues is often called a crossover genre, which are becomming very popular in contemporary music today with aritsts like Bruno Mars, Mumford and Sons, and Bon Iver. Scott believes that crossover music is just the natural progression of the creative songwriting process. 

Scott has written over 150 songs, many of which you can hear on the internet.  You can find them on his website (, on Sound Cloud (, and other sites like Itunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, and many other digital sales sites. 


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Dylan Days Song Contest


This is the video of me singing Locally Famous at the Dylan Days Songwriting Competition.




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