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Just saw your van and trailer pass by us on I90 in Minnesota heading east. Went to your website and listened to your music. Great voice, great music!! Glad we popped on :)
Omg, you are a awesome singer. I love your music. Would love to see you perform.
Holiday Road new video was FANTASTIC! Loved seeing some of your family and mine in it also.
We are here at north leaf winery watching you. You are amazing. Thank you. We just moved to Milton. If you want you can play at our housewarming party let me know your charges. :)
We saw you at Arthurs in Spring Green a year ago and have totally worn out the 3 cd's we bought. Unable to navigate the schedule on your website but would travel to see you this weekend if your playing? Keep making the world a better place Scott! Kim and Sedona
Watching you perform in Franklin, wi right now. We changed out plans cuz we heard your lovely voice from the strip mall parking lot. Best decision we've made in a long time! So glad we found you
Pleasure to meet you the other night at Springbrook. Post City Girl. Loves that song!!!
WHere do I find a calendar of your future performances. I could only find the ones for this week.
Keep on working hard. People are listening to your music, and that says something about something.
Hello Scott. I came across your music from a CR ad you posted. Really love the sound of your voice. I am an award winning producer based out of Nashville, but am going to be mixing up at a slammin recording studio in Green Bay, Wi in mid FEB. If you have anything you would like mixed, or recorded while I am up there, would you please contact me. Thanks.
Do you buy songs that have been written by pin . original copies owned. please contact me . i like the blues, country, christian, a mix of rock to Bob Dylan . Your music inspires me . I live in Wausau Wisconsin.I was born in Nashville TN. Across the bridge from music row i raised. Growing up lower Broadway my dad would take me on walks boy wish i would a caught on then. I truly believe my style of writing has a impact on the country hit list all tho never have played or recorded songs. my song titles are based on some blues, country , and rockabilly i guess would be the place id fit in . if interested in my music e mail me . also you got great songs , a lot of heart . Roy Parker
You were awesome yesterday at Irish Pub!! In Middleton!! Great lyrics!! I hope u make it big!! Kurt Belshaw
Scott, thank you for the feel of "Holiday Road" it was more than a sound ... I enjoyed sittin', laughin' with ya on that old wood porch ... Life Is Good, that's my story 'an I'm stickin' to it, Tom O PS: if you ever get near the St.Louis area and need some help, let me know, I'm in the White Pages
Scott: I love your music - and I appreciate the stories that you tell within them, it's something we can all connect with -- your music is ever evolving in depth and grace!! Scott, you've worked so hard to provide events, fun and entertainment in the community - you derserve a big pat on the back for all the talent, energy and charisma you've shared with so many!
MY LORD SCOTT!!!!! WHY ARENT YOU ON AMERICAN IDOL???? I have never heard music that could absolutely relax me. I was in tears.....you make beautiful music. Your voice and melody are awesome. I see you going far with this. Don't stop keep up the good work. I'm sure it won't be long until someone hears you and you become famous....good luck Scott. Cheryl
Scott, This is real heartfelt stuff that people don't do anymore. Different genres, but there's a consistency that is you. I clicked on "calendar" but your schedule is not there. Anyway I love to come see you in San Diego sometime. I've tried to write instrumentals have only gotten frustrated. Gary
Fantabulous!. Am a gospel singer/songwriter/guitar player myself and love your style of music,... like a breath of fresh air.
A big thumbs up Scott. You got the voice, sing in tune with lots of feeling, and your heart-felt lyrics are put together and expressed well. It's obvious you are writing/singing from experience. Good luck as you continue; you deserve it. Blues is not my favorite interest, as I write more in the Bluegrass/Folk/Country vein, but I appreciate quality, no matter what the style. Can I send you a song or two? John
Well..., I'm a songsmith too and this is my honest opinion. You have some excellent material, My Best Friend and My Wife and Locally Famous are very good and does resonate and connect with the common folks. Other songs are maudlin to me and people are giving you hell about them. SO WHAT!!!! These creeps on here have no talent and no writing skills and their negativity shows their class. Forget them, listen to me!!! Keep on doing this but be discreet about what you put out to the public and practice your guitar. Stick to your talent of writing and singing! Bob Dylan nor Elvis could play well but, by their God given talent and charisma/showmanship + perseverance, they hit the mark. You can sing powerfully and with emotion! You play enough to get by. Keep the Faith. Johnny Cash; Do what you do well son. Screw the critics.
Great music! Thanks for sharing! Keep it going! Rob
Tripped into your music site and found myse!f captivated for some time. Great songs and inspiring stories! Thanks Scott ps I'm a songwriter too.
Glad you posted on CL. and enjoy your songwriting!
P.S. I love the song about your grandfather. I need a copy.
When I first heard you in Jacksonport,, I thought, oh my, I could listen to this voice forever. I love the CDs. But when I got home and listened to them, there was something missing. Your story telling. It really makes the songs. Your daughter, and Allice,,,and John,,,Good stories. You should make a CD with the stories,,,maybe a live recording.
Great job Scott !! You are awesome !!Your voice is refreshing and your melodys are sweet !!
scott keep up the good work you have come a long ways all from your heart good luck.
You rock Scott!! Emma and Paula :)
I am glad you are doing so well. Good for you. I do miss your smiling face and postive attitude around her though. Hope to see you soon and plan on picking up a C.D. also. Take care
In our younger days I remember you always putting so much energy into your music and it comes through in your songs. You are a true inspiration Scott as instead of your dream losing steam over the years, it has only gotten stronger. I wish you only the best! P.S. I really like the layout of your web page. It is simple and easy to find what you are looking for.
Hey! It is great to hear your voice again! Even if it's over the computer. Rock on bud!
Scott, you're the best! I miss hearing you play. Keep up the great work. We miss you.
Been waiting a long time! It is great to see your dreams and visions finally coming true. I like "Easy Kind of Love." I know there's a lot more in there just bursting to be shared... So happy for you.
Sounding great Scott! If you want to write a song about the time I rolled the Rhino, go right ahead!
Scott I think it's awesome what you've done. You probably don't remember me that well, but I always remember your kindness when we were kids. That and when you played Injun Joe in the Huck Finn play!
Great Job Scott!! Where is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich song? LOL
Wow, Mr. Wilcox! I didn't know you could sing. Good job and keep playing.
Gregg showed me your youtube music video you wrote for your wife. Beautiful. Your family has grown. You're welcome to visit us in St. Louis anytime. My brother & his wife just bought a log cabin near Watertown. Do you guys get there? Are Brenda's parents still there?
You did it!!!! I'm so happy you're getting your music out there!
December 26, 2010 Great work, Scott! We can see this is only the beginning. You have so much to share and we're behind you 100%. Can't wait for your next release!!
Awesome job Scott!
It's about darn time! Are any of them from way back in the day--LAX? One is running through my head right now--I can picture you playing it in Mobile in your living room. Such fun memories!!
You are truly amazing...so excited you are finally able to share your musical talent and gifts with sooo many. Love you....your best friend and your wife.
I love the son, photos, just everything about the songs. You should have not waited so long to do this. Its beautiful!!!!!!!!!! God Bless, Trisha
Hi Scott, I would like to buy one of your Love Notes cd. I work with your wife Brenda. P.S. I liked the song you wrote for Brenda(your wife and friend) I listened to it with the video. Very, very good.
I am so excited! I can not wait to crank up your music in my truck. Thanks for letting me be a part of your life. You ROCK!!
Nothing like being around when you pull out the guitar or sit down at the piano and start in with songs that all have a story behind them...good stuff!!!!
Scott, I am so excited for you. Hope your Holidays are blessed for you and your family. Congrats and Good Luck.
Awesome music Scott. I love "Fascination". Congrats on putting this together.
omg i love all the song
your great enjoy listening
scott, I thoroughly enjoyed listening!! congratulations.
It's about time you put out a cd!! Can't wait to buy one or two or three!! I want mine autographed!!